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"With my work, I want to contribute to bring the silent beauty and the liveliness of wood into our human spaces, so that the troubled spirit can rest in it." - Friedrich Aldrup

Tischlerei Aldrup designs and manufactures timeless furniture,

tailor-made kitchens and homely bathrooms. In addition to general carpentry works and repairs, the Solothurn carpenter's workshop carefully restores and reconstructs solid wood doors, windows and floors.

The careful selection of materials is based on functional, aesthetic and ecological criteria. The design is based on the use of the furniture or component. The focus is on the appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and its translation into a timeless language of form.

In addition, the carpenter's workshop carries bedding and mattresses from theLonsberg, company, whose products are made from 100% natural materials and traditionally according to the latest findings in sleep research and orthopaedics.
Tischlerei Aldrup
Dammstrasse 45
CH - 4500 Solothurn
+41 76 203 30 60
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