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Interior design consultations, garden design, kitchen construction, bathroom, wellness, lighting, designer furniture, car garage.
The chair that sits
Beautiful on the outside, safe on the inside
Furniture with system
We create oases of well-being and places of power
Claudio Caviezel – Experience wood
When dreams become bath
We have the solution
Illuminated mirror cabinets with perfect lighting and exclusive design
Responsibility for energy and environment
Just one click to an online mortgage
Healthy and intelligent building
Quite flexible
Washing machines for all needs
Planning and construction of solar systems
Genuine Swiss kitchens
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Form and design in metal - Design elements for Your garden
The Swiss online carpenter
Better sleep thanks to worldwide unique wood energy
ZWEIFEL Garden experience guaranteed
For metal in the garden
The Wood Way of Life
Garden ideas made of glass and metal
We build your dream house
your gardener
Your strong partner when it comes to wood!
Quiet nights with the best indoor air
Design of terraces by veranda viva Zurich, Switzerland
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Farbberatung mit dem Spezialisten Diwefa für Naturpigmentfarben
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